Sunday, January 15, 2017

Another one of my favorite fans when I played football for the Paintsville Tigers was Mr. Morrison. I am not sure but I believe his first name was Hugh. He was the father of Bobby and Peggy. He was on the sideline with us at every game, home and away. His favorite contribution to our team was to give any one of us a 50 cent piece for every fumble or interception we made. He was what our kids today would call a "Real Cool Dude".  He was always there with a towel when we came off the field. He would hug us and tell us what a great job we were doing. I remember this one occasion when we were playing at Belfry. It was freezing. I was playing over their center. When we collided the quarterback fumbled the ball and I recovered it. Somebody stepped on my right hand with their cleats and opened up the knuckle of my right hand. I could see the bone but there was no blood. It was so cold I could feel no pain either. When I came of the field I was met by Mr. Morrison who noticed my hand. He immediately grabbed the medicine chest and tended to my wound. With a sharp slap on the back he presented to me the coveted 50 cent piece. In 1952 fifty cents would buy me enough gas to shoot the loop for an entire week-end, or buy me two hamburgers and a coke. For fear of losing it, I placed it in the safest place I could think of at that moment, my jockstrap. (LOL)  I lost touch with Mr. Morrison after I left Paintsville but I have always remembered him as a great friend and a positive influence on my life. Rest In Peace my friend.

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