Saturday, January 7, 2017

My First Years at Morehead State University

During my first year of college at Morehead State University in 1958 I took a class in Human Growth and Development, which was taught by Dr. Wilson, Dean of the school of education. One of the requirements was that I had to write a case study on an individual whom I thought would find great success in their future endeavors. The first person to come to mind was a young man at Paintsville High School, my alma mater. I had heard of Mike when I was in high school and I knew that he came from a highly respected family in our community. I started following his development when he was in the eight grade. My choice was surely an inspiration from God. He sent me home to interview Mike Minix. It was one of the best interviews I have ever done. Mike was a true inspiration to everyone around him. He, to the best of my knowledge, was the only player Coach Brugh ever named his son after. That is an unusually high endorsement of a young high school kid.

When I interviewed Mike he was very gracious and forthcoming. I was as impressed with him then, as I am now. I have followed his career to this day.
I predicted that Mike would find great success in any career, which he chose to follow. Not only was he a beautiful physical specimen but it was very obvious to me that he had been blessed with a superior intellect. It would take a book to describe Coach Brugh's thoughts on Mike. I could see the high respect and admiration, which he held for Mike in his eyes and his full demeanor.

My prediction for Mike's future was abysmal compared to the success he actually achieved in his lifetime. Mike went on to become one of the best all-around athlete in Kentucky history. He won every athletic honor possible for a high school athlete to earn. I cannot, in this small space, even begin to list his many athletic accomplishments. You can find this in his writings on Facebook.

Far more important than his many athletic accomplishments is his exceptional contributions to the people of Eastern Kentucky as a Medical Doctor and Ophthalmologist. He saved and made better the eyesight of thousands of his fellow Kentucky natives. He showed his true character by choosing to come back home and care for his mountain people than to go after the big money, which would have been available to him in a large city. The world is truly a much better place because of Doctor Mike Minix.

Oh! I am pleased to report that Dean Wilson gave me an A+ on my paper and he actually read it to the entire class.

I am so proud to Call Doctor Minix my friend and I am so proud of our little Paintsville Independent School District, which gave him the opportunity to become one of it's Most Distinguished Alumni. 


  1. I will find all of your writings very interesting and informative. Lou

  2. This was great!!!! Wow, what a great guy that Mike and a blessing you were encouraged to do this!